Meet 405 Mermaid Tracey Zeeck

I’m pretty sure we all know Tracey Zeeck – or else you know Tracey once removed. That’s not just how tight knit OKC is, it’s how involved TZ is in the goings on of the ever-evolving 405. And if you don’t know her yet, this is your lucky day, mah friend. I’m pleased to make the introduction.

If Tracy hasn’t directly had her hands in promoting a happenin’ event in the area for her PR firm Bumbershoot, then she’s likely been a volunteer on the committee to make sure said event comes off without a hitch. So, yeah, she’s a cool boss babe, but she also loves connecting people and figuring how to make things better even when it’s not a direct benefit to her. All that and more is why she’s a mermaid – someone who is smart, bold and courageous. She cares deeply about Oklahoma City, her clients, her family, and she’s not afraid to take a stand, unlike a lot of PR folks who would rather stay mum and PC.

She’s a big picture thinker with a big heart and I can’t wait for you to jump in the blog waters with her this week. I’ve bolded some of her comments as our mermaid pearls this week.

Mermaid Tracey Zeeck, founder

Tracey Zeeck, Bumbershoot PR

ML: Tell us about the moment you made the deep dive for your dream.

TZ: I didn’t exactly dive for it. More like “waded in”. But it didn’t take me long to make it to the deep end and get comfy. I was at home with my son for a couple years, but when he started preschool, I started picking up clients. And that slowly became this thing.

ML: You are someone who always seems to have a smile on her face, even when times are tough. What’s the quickest way to bring a smile to your face?

TZ: My husband and son are hilarious so I am always laughing when I am with them. Our image1dogs are pretty fun too. I also smile at work because I work with the best and it so feels like a party every day.  I love contemporary art and I love being surprised by what humans are capable of expressing, and how it can make you think about an issue from a completely new part of your mind – and how that expression evolves as society evolves. I adore gaining the trust of clients who want to do good things and trust me with their brand. Finding a publisher for my book made me smile. Good food. Also, bad food. Thrifting. Hiking. Massages. Traveling. Fireplaces. Hot tea. Exploring. Free Upgrades. People.

ML: Congrats on the publisher, Tracey! And it sounds like we need a hiking date soon. Tell us, what’s the biggest challenge in being an entrepreneur and what did/do you overcome your fears? 

TZ: The biggest challenge is learning to mute that inner voice you’ve listened to for too long. The one that tells you you’re too weird, or you don’t do anything the way other people do it. Once you mute it, you learn that those things you felt trapped under are probably your strongest qualities!  I muted it by accident because I got so busy that I didn’t have time to second guess myself. I went with my instincts and accidentally discovered that my instincts were right after all.

ML: Instinct can be our best guide, can’t it? What about your favorite tool(s) for enlightened living (presence, intention, action)?

TZ: Patience. Headspace app. Nature. A wallet with which I pay for travel.

Mermaids, get to know Tracey and what’s happening in her rockin’ corner of the world by following her here:
@tzeeck IG 

@tzeeck Twitter
@Bumbershootpr: Instagram and Twitter



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