The Last Resort

Summer, sisterhood and sacred answers in paradise. 

Lott’s latest brings all of her main characters together at a mojo conference for women at a luxury resort in Maui. Mojo and fitness guru, Rachel Woods, takes the women through adventures on the magic island to discover their deepest desires and fears. Readers will catch up with Ramona (Dating da Vinci) who must decide if she’s really ready to commit to workaholic Taylor (The Stork Reality), Macy (Fixer Upper) deciding which path will lead her to ultimate success, Georgia (Life’s a Beach) who is going through an identity crisis and Kelly, who gets her own novel, Something New, in Fall 2012, who was dumped by her live in boyfriend the day before the retreat. Can they find their mojo before it’s too late?
Find yours, too, at THE LAST RESORT.
“The Last Resort explores the bonds of sisterhood and the innate strength of women, a strength that is only fully embraced when a woman fully embraces her individuality. Set at a retreat in beautiful and magical Maui, Resort is populated with characters who first shared their stories in Lott’s previous tales, and their stories combine here in a satisfying summer read.” – Mari
Where to buy:
Barnes & Noble for nook

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