Dance Mom Survival Guide




Two dance moms. One crazy dance world. A humorous and helpful guidebook for parents of dancers, written by two dance moms who have not only “been there,” but “are there!” Lott and Martin talked to dance moms across the country, dance professors, a psychologist, and instructors, to bring the stage lights directly on the difficulties and joys of raising a dancer and helping them be successful. Is it anything like reality TV? —the role of a dance mom —the healthy dancer —the leap from dancer to team or company dancer —time and financial investment —improving communication —dance manners —camps, conventions and competitions —dance statistics —dealing with mistakes —how to make dance fun for moms Dance moms with dancers of all ages and stages will find useful information to help on the journey from dance class to stage star.


From the Author

Why a dance mom advice book? Why us?
Jill and I decided to write an advice book because we were constantly asking each other – and dance moms who are way more experienced than us – these issues posed in the book. Our first years with company dance daughters were a bit overwhelming. Imagine two dance moms fish-flopping our way through competition season (okay, not that fish-flop that our dancers can do! The kind where we’re out of our element.) We don’t think you have to be a fish out of water so we’re passing along the advice we’ve gathered from experts in the field including dance instructors, a dance professor, a psychologist, other dance moms and even dancers themselves. 
We’ve gathered research on dance and also have included some fun lists we think you can relate to, or will relate to someday. The sub-title of the book says it all: growing a great dancer without losing your mind. Kids do that to us already. Let’s keep what we have left.
We welcome you to the sisterhood of dance moms. We’re sitting on our hineys right along with you, and proudly chauffeuring and cheering our dancers on. We swear it’s not as dramatic as the reality TV shows, but the emotions are real and the time is intensive. The book is meant to be both humorous and helpful. We hope you’ll agree. Bling. It. On.
Available in paperback and ebook.

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