Sterling & Sloane: A Holiday Romance

Sloane Cruisie was the go-to marriage counselor for the rich and famous in New York City — until her action star husband Ben Cruisie shocked her with divorce papers and began dating his co-star. Once a bestselling advice author on marriage, Sloane suddenly loses her book deal, her cushy job and goes home to their posh Neo-gothic penthouse in Manhattan to find her priceless antiques are being moved out – so Ben can share the holidays with his new love. Homeless for the holidays, she and her white bulldog Snowball have nowhere to turn until…

Sterling Reynolds is the go-to divorce attorney for the rich and famous in NYC. One of the most eligible bachelors in New York, he’s all too happy to help clients who failed to make their marriage work. Never being married himself, he’s the ultimate playboy. When he discovers his neighbor upstairs, Sloane Cruisie, has been kicked out of her penthouse, he offers his apartment so she can avoid the paparazzi, even though he knows Sloane can’t stand him or what he does for a living.

With nowhere else to turn, Sloane says “yes” to his proposal and stays in his apartment, which turns out to be full of antiques even more gorgeous than her own. To her surprise, he even has a bulldog. Who knew ruthless divorce attorneys liked dogs or antiques? Depressed but ready to make the most of the horrible holiday, she decides to make Sterling her rebound to take her mind off Ben and the bimbo upstairs.

Yet Sterling isn’t interested in being anyone’s in-between lover, unless it’s his idea. And when it comes to Sloane, he isn’t sure he could let go that easily.

For someone who has devoted her life to saving marriages, Sloane isn’t sure she even believes in love anymore, let alone any “magic” of the holidays – but one little person elf named Quentin seems determined to show them the true meaning of love and second chances.

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Reader review: 

“I loved this holiday romance. There were all the classic love story vibes with some homage to Rock Hudson and Doris Day. Not to mention a little magic thrown in as well. Fun read (would love to read more with these characters).”