While I love writing novels and novellas, short stories really challenge me as a writer and being brief can result in powerful short works. I’m thrilled to be a part of the anthologies below as well as writing some stand- alone shorts.

NEW! The Pool Boy: A Short Story, featured exclusively on Amazon in the Kindle store about the Lonely Hearts Book Club in Grapevine, Texas and the pool boy who shakes up their summer. A “smexy” read – smart, sexy and hopefully, empowering.

“Snowflakes and Stones,” featured in Sleigh Ride: A Winter Anthology, which has seven wintry short stories by seven authors. The story deals with a grieving mother and healing over the holidays. Moira visits the the cabin she shared with her husband to deliver him divorce papers, but finds an unexpected gift during her stay.

Trade paperback list price: $12.95

ISBN13: 978-0615552330

ISBN10: 0615552331


Her life had become a pendulum wildly swinging from one end to the other. She’d been bone-thin; she’d been fat. It has become obvious she didn’t care about her body long before she took that midnight walk into the freezing pond.


“I loved Snowflakes and Stones! It was thought provoking while at the same time sweet and emotional. Superbly written with characters so genuine and true you could relate to their loss, coping, hope and love. A mix of a the calm-world past and wake-up call for the fast-paced present!”- Kim H.

“Wonderfully written and captivating short story! It drew me right in and the only down side was that I wanted more. I wanted to enter this family and spend more time with them. I also live in Florida so I wanted some SNOW!!! I went back and purchased the book, Sleigh Ride, that this short story is part of. Way to go Malena! Keep the great stories coming!!” – book lover

Where to buy:

Order the print book here on our Buzz Books store and get $1.00 off with the coupon code AG7JFVLQ.

ebooks: Amazon for Kindle, for nook

Under pen name Lena Brown: “Every Breath You Take,” a paranormal story about a high school senior, Charlie, who gets invited to the prom by the most popular guy in school only to discover she’s about to be the key for a prom queen seeking revenge for an accident twenty years before; in Prom Dates to Die For, a paranormal prom anthology.

Trade paperback List Price: $7.99
5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
140 pages
Buzz Books USA
ISBN-13: 978-1938493003
ISBN-10: 1938493001
BISAC: Fiction / Anthologies, Young Adult


The energy in the room felt kinetic, the bulb of her lamp flickering. The music started back again. This time she recognized the song. “Every Breath You Take…” 

Her arm hairs stood on end. “Dad!” She waved her hand in front of his face, but he didn’t move, didn’t blink.

“…I’ll be watching you…”


I loved this story! It was spooky and wove all the characters together to the same tragic event. – Panda Reads

Where to buy:

Trade paperback at the Buzz Books store and and select retailers.
The ebook editions:
Coming soon:
A (longer) short story stand-alone ebook for the Buzz Books Stinger line: “The Pool Boy.”
A short story in the Halloween anthology, Something Wicked, on Sept. 1st.

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