On branding:

Malena’s insight, teaching, and exercises were the catalyst towards the first step in refining and defining what my personal brand for my life, career aspirations, and personal goals were for my future. I never quite understood the importance of my own personal brand not only for myself, but for my career. Once I was able to get it down on paper with her step by step process (which is very doable), I was ready to take on the next steps to make things happen. — Patty Rankin, Style Coach (Small Business Owner and Boss Babe)
Malena has jumped in and helped our company through a number of creative related needs. She has that rare combination of being truly creative, and also business savvy. The biggest compliment I can give to her is that she always teaches me something when we engage her and that is high praise. Add to that, she is a solid human being that is grounded, and investing heavily in helping the world… — Scott Klososky, speaker, writer, consultant
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On beautifying spaces:

Jill and Malena were wonderful to work with. They were very friendly, professional and responded promptly to our questions and requests. We had 4 rooms done at one time, and they were able to complete the task ahead of schedule. We suggested a maximum budget and they were able to complete the job mixing in new items with some of our original items so that we didn’t go over budget. We changed our mind on one piece after the job was complete and paid for, and they were able to return the item for credit to us with no questions asked and a willing attitude. I highly recommend anyone to work with Sooner Spaces! – Krista Jacobson, OKC

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On books:

Fixer Upper

“When a power-hungry politician’s wife leaves her glamorous but shallow marriage, hightails it for her childhood home and trades in her perfectly tailored suits for zebra-print cowboy boots and a pink tool belt, you can bet things get dusty, and dicey. Fixer Upper is a sassy, fun read that proves going home can sometimes be the smartest thing a broken-hearted woman can do.”
— Beth Hoffman, bestselling author of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

Dating da Vinci

“Ramona Elise gets her groove back will have you cheering bravissimo as she experiences her own Renaissance, courtesy of one very hot Leonardo da Vinci.” — Jenny Gardiner, award-winning author of Sleeping with Ward Cleaver

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