Finish strong? How ’bout in One PEACE?

Image 1Today my friend Jeanna shared how she’s not a huge fan of the word, “hustle.” Because let’s face it, hustle can not only be exhausting, but can suck the life out of other aspects of our lives. And often work that feels all-hustle can feel like no-joy. Who can live like that for long? Not me. I s’pose this 21-day inner retreat is my anti-hustle journey during the time of year when there’s just too damn much “hustle and bustle.”


I did this in 2017. 


Which is why – ta-da! – I present this free 21-day journey staring Dec. 1st, with the aim not to “finish strong” or “race to the finish line” marked Dec. 31st, 2017, but to be MINDFUL & PRESENT to create more PEACE & JOY as we look back on our personal and professional lives this year and SET AUTHENTIC INTENTIONS for 2018. I say I want to end this year in “one peace.” After the overwhelming year I’ve had (more on that later!), that sounds lovely.

What’s the diff between an “authentic” intention versus a regular ol’ intention? Too often are INTENTIONS are good, but either a) not realistic or b) a wink-wink intention in place for someone else. Not us. Which means if it’s not coming from a place of genuine passion (want to!) then it just ain’t happenin’.

Why is an author and brand coach doing this retreat?  Mostly because I need this and thought maybe some of my readers/friends/clients might need it to. This will combine my FAVORITE THINGS: quotes, practical tips, mantras and meditations, and LISTS. I’ll be sharing some passages from my upcoming book, PERSONAL BRAND POWER, too. Oh, and some good breathing, moving and sharing, too. The INTENTION is to create some sacred WHITE SPACE (often on the pages of your fresh notebook paper), to explore and envision what’s been and what’s next. That just sets my ENTP heart on FIRE. 🙂

The official hashtag is #passionpowerpeace, which you’ll see on Twitter and Instagram if you follow me there. I’ll also be sharing some Insta-stories, some Facebook Live and FREE documents in the shared closed group on Facebook. Go here if you’d like to join the private group. 

The 21-day retreat is split into three weeks and themes:

Week 1: REFLECT. This is our “year in review” week. They say you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. Also humans are really good at doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting different results. So, let’s GET REAL. What worked, what didn’t? What brought us joy and what sucked the last bit of marrow from our bones. You get the idea.

Week 2: RENEW. This is where we look at those reflections and decide what to renew, revise, refresh or relinquish. Whew.

Week 3: REJOICE. This is the week leading up to Christmas and we will be celebrating BIG TIME. Celebrating our wins and losses, what we have decided to let go of and what we believe is WORTH SUFFERING FOR. Your dreams, in black and white, right here on your paper. We will put those intentions on paper and really, really focus on being present with our loved ones and our clients/customers. Image 3

How does that sound? Oh, and I’ll be gifting free books EACH WEEK, too. Because in the words of Russell Westbrook, #whynot?

My first holiday gift to you is a reading of my holiday story, “Snowflakes & Stones” on my podcast. When you have a quiet half-hour, you could give it a listen and see if it kicks off some reflection of your own about the people in your life. Listen to it here or you can set up a subscription of One Bow Many Arrows on iTunes. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

xo, Malena


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