Every Day, Adventure: Kansas City

“Whether our cities are physically bad or physically good is our responsibility” — J. C. Nichols (developer, Country Club Plaza, est. 1929)

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” — Danny Kaye

Wasn’t hard to develop a big ol’ travel crush on Kansas City in just a weekend. Barbecue, storms, champagne, romance, shopping – a little something for everyone. Recommend all of the eateries featured, whole-heartedly.

Photo Apr 29, 7 55 16 PM

If I let the threat of thunderstorms keep me from an adventure, I’d never go anywhere. 80% of my trips seems to involve rain or thunder. That’s okay. If you let the weathergods dictate your life, you will see life only from your living room couch. | View from Intercontinental . Would be a tad more convenient on the other side the street/river, but there are lots of hotel choices in the plaza.


Photo Apr 29, 7 58 11 PM

Catching up with an ol’ college buddy of Chris’, James. Listening to your mate tell the story of how you met never gets old.


Photo Apr 29, 10 58 05 PM

Kansas City is known for its statues and Spanish-inspired gardens and fountains. This booty-full one sits in front of Seasons 52.

Photo Apr 29, 11 46 10 PM

I love a great cityscape shot at night, don’t you? You’ll eat well in Kansas City, but you can walk it off in the plaza or even running or biking by the river.

Photo Apr 30, 11 18 30 AM

Popular breakfast spot – worth the wait – and how pretty is my mocha? Eggtc.

Photo Apr 30, 1 27 47 PM

What I feel like on a good day.

Photo Apr 30, 2 05 36 PM

I do so love a good old train station. Kansas City turned this one into a full entertainment center with a museum, cafe and cinema. Union Station est. 1914.

Photo Apr 30, 2 06 06 PM

Photo Apr 30, 2 06 20 PM

Photo Apr 30, 2 15 48 PM

With my favorite fellow explorer on the third level of Union Station. Nice when someone offers to take your pic so you don’t have a phone full of vacation selfies, huh?

Photo Apr 30, 2 28 47 PM

Last day of the Da Vinci exhibit at Union Station. As my readers know, Da Vinci is my all time favorite genius/mentor/crush for his weird, fabulous mind as the ultimate Renaissance man (which inspired Dating da Vinci). The exhibit wasn’t exactly worth the hour long wait in line but it was nice to see his ideas turned into models.

Photo Apr 30, 4 37 06 PM

That exhibit called for an afternoon snack. (Can barbecue be a “snack”?) Interior at Jack Stack, est. 1957. Get the burnt ends. Trust me on this.

Photo Apr 30, 4 48 57 PM

I ordered a cheap wine while Chris was away for two minutes. Ugh. Lesson learned. I really should be better at this by now.

Photo Apr 30, 5 21 54 PM

My kind of brick graffiti art.

Photo Apr 30, 6 06 18 PM

See? The sun really will come out tomorrow!

Photo Apr 30, 6 56 46 PM

A little cloud porn, bridge edition.

Photo Apr 30, 7 01 11 PM

If I had to pick a favorite place, I’d say it was Gram & Dun in the plaza where we met James and his wife Piper for dinner. Cool ambiance, great food. Too bad I was still a little full from that “snack.” I ordered the burnt ends mac & cheese (can we say obsessed?), but I resisted taking my leftovers back to the hotel for a late night “snack”. (Who says there are no regrets in life?)

Photo Apr 30, 7 01 18 PM

Gram & Dun. Sliding windows, cool patio. A little noisy when full, but I could just be getting old. #speakup #lipreading

Photo Apr 30, 7 02 53 PM

What happens when the waiter tell you you don’t have to wait for the bathroom you are standing right next to because there’s one across the restaurant and down a flight of stairs and down another long hallway…in stilettos! Thanks, man. I snapped this private room down there, though. #didn’tbreakmyneck

Photo Apr 30, 10 02 47 PM

As were were leaving Gram & Dun, we see people enjoying the patio and I wanted to hop over and live there…

Photo Apr 30, 10 44 16 PM

In researching restaurants and asking friends, they all recommended this cool little champagne bar, Ca/Va. Nice double meaning. Cava is a sparkling wine and in French, Ca va means roughly, “I am fine.” Quaint size, pretty good selection of bubbly. Wish we had places like this in OKC.

Photo Apr 30, 11 22 56 PM

On the patio at Ca/Va. We clean up nice, yeah?

Photo May 01, 11 17 20 AM

Final morning. View from Brio Tuscan Grille in the plaza, which was my second favorite spot and favorite meal. I need Sicilian omelettes in my life, forevs.

Photo May 01, 11 28 41 AM

I mean, Seriously! Sicilian Omelette @ Brio

Cherrywood smoked ham, bacon, sausage, caramelized onions, tomato compote, Mozzarella, Provolone, Parmesan, brunch potatoes 12.75

That’s all, my gorgeous Mers. I write Every Day Adventure posts to share cool spaces and adventures to inspire others to get out of their own ponds and see the world anew. Good to remember that life is pretty awesome when you make time to enjoy it. So where are you headed this summer? Would love to hear in comments.

Next up: Eureka Springs and Cancun. Finally got me a passport. Look out, world.

To living in the deep,


xo and pass the omelette

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