Birthdays for Mermaids

In the spirit of my year-long mermaid series to showcase bold, brave women who live in the deep both in real life and in my upcoming novella, The Mermaid Clu11018817_10207244857026678_6038361414771730884_n-1b,  I’m sharing  what a birthday looks like for a “mermaid”. I would like to say I have life figured out by now, the week of my 44th birthday, but in all honesty, I just have my approach to it figured out, which feels pretty damn great.

  • A mermaid celebrates life and feels grateful to wake up each day. She knows a birthday is another chance to look back on where she’s been and make plans on where she’s going, while enjoying the present moment.
  • A mermaid eats birthday cake and doesn’t feel guilty.
  • A mermaid knows life is short and there’s no time like now to begin.
  • A mermaid embraces the mess and the majesty of life – it takes both to live fully.
  • A mermaid loves full out and knows she deserves to be loved fully in return.
  • A mermaid knows when to dig in and when to let go- usually after soul-searching, drinks with girlfriends, and truth telling with trusted advisors.
  • A mermaid doesn’t need others to celebrate her – but she damn sure enjoys celebrating with those who care about her.
  • A mermaid takes care of herself – mind, body and spirit – not for the sake of ego, but for growth and becoming her best self to serve her unique purpose in the world.
  • A mermaid knows shitty days happen – and that’s where good wine and chocolate come in. Tomorrow – or the next day – will be better.
  • A mermaid knows she’s stronger with her tribe — people who get her and lift her up as she lifts them up.
  • A mermaid may get her feelings hurt but she’ll bounce back because she knows her worth.
  • A mermaid loves to explore, with adventure and travel high on her to-do list.
  • A mermaid knows others may judge her, but it’s a reflection of their life story, not hers.
  • A mermaid trusts her instinct – listens to her inner voice – and when she doesn’t, she knows she’ll regret it. (It’s always right.) She also knows she’s the Watcher, not the story of herself in her head.
  • A mermaid releases her fear by setting her sights on the horizon – and swims harder.
  • A mermaid gives herself permission to float and soak up the sun once in awhile. Rest is as important as drive.

Here’s to celebrating the journey, dear readers. I’d love to hear your mermaid thoughts in comments.

to living in the deep,




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