Why Quiet Adventure Matters

In “Listening Below the Noise,” author Anne LeClaire implores us seek quiet to listen to what our heart needs to say. I think the same goes for adventure. As we create our bucket list full of thrills and high-octane fun, it’s important to add the quiet, low-key adventures to our calendar, too. Not only do they bring us peace and grace, but help us feel completely rooted in the body and become aware of the chatter of our minds as we turn inward. Awareness sharpens, appreciation and awe grows. What matters – and what doesn’t – becomes clear. We lose ourselves in our surroundings, assimilating and merging and settling in. Any discomfort begins to wash away as we allow ourselves to just be.

Wishing you some quiet get-away time this summer as I share a few of my favorite silent moments from recent months.

xo, Malena

As we neared the precipice, I caught our reflection and couldn’t resist. Solid. @ Wichita Mountains, OK
A quiet afternoon with my youngest, who hates to have his picture taken. Red dirt, blue water and a full heart. @ Lake Arcadia, OK
Seeing my tech-obsessed spawn on the water, kayaking for the first time as I watched from the dock (before joining them again.) @ Lake Eufala, OK
A tranquil cloudy morning on the lake, in a canoe, with my love. @Lake Eufala, OK (Carlton Landing)

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