Get Out: Sea Turtles, Bublé, and Lily Pad Yoga

Life should be our biggest adventure. All of it. Earlier this summer when I set my intention to living life full out and seeking more adventure, I had no idea what I’d find. That’s part of the fun. I was open to whatever new experiences came my way. Each week I’ve been sharing my Get Out adventures hoping you’ll do find some in your neck of the woods and beyond. Connecting with nature is a guaranteed way to serenity – and some kick-butt workouts, too. It’s also increased my creativity which is good for business and my soul. Nice win-win. Getting out more has been good for my body, too.

Transformation of body, mind and spirit doesn’t have to feel like a “chore,” but is possible simply with intentional living – placing awareness on what you eat, how you move, what you think. Hitting the “reset” button when you’re feeling negative, pushing yourself to get out and enjoy new people and experiences and truly feeling grateful for the life you have and therefore living it with gusto. Why the hell not?

Get Out Adventure 1 (part 2 to my ALOHA post last week): I hadn’t been on a boat IN YEARS. We used to own one in my childhood and I loved the feel of the wind at my face and the waves beneath us. I love being around water and even on water, but IN WATER, not so much. So sticking my face in the ocean (a.k.a. snorkeling) was definitely about what I could SEE. Ah, it’s pretty down there. Sometimes OUR greatest adventures are seeing dreams come true for those we love so what I wanted most from our Hawaii trip was for my 9 year old to get to swim with sea turtles – his favorite animal. And he did. AWESOME. No pic of a turtle because I was too busy looking at them to snap them, but you get the idea! Our family shadow selfie on a boat. The half-day excursion included two snorkeling stops, breakfast and lunch and loads of gorgeous views.

Image 2


Get Out Adventure 2 – not in nature but a natural wonder. My third date with Michael Bublé thanks to Mother’s Day tickets from my husband. I mean, Jesus, Michael is a born entertainer and this was his best show yet. Insert a bunch of swooning here. The arts in general are so good for your soul. When’s the last time you heard live music?

Image 1
Michael showered the Chesapeake Arena with paper hearts during ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.



Get Out Adventure 3 – One of my favorite families on the planet is the Davis’ in Wichita, Kansas. Our kids have grown up together and STILL get along. We only had one day that fit our scheds before school started and my friend Deb agreed to try paddle boarding. We went to another town, Augusta, and Ken took some pics of us. In addition to just paddling around the lake, we also stopped over among lily pads and did some yoga on the boards. It was Deb’s first time and my second and neither of us fell in to our amazement. The lily pads helped keep our boards from going back into the middle of the lake. Yoga ON lily pads. In bloom. Freaking cool.

Image 4
Freaking warrior princess pose. Love it.
Image 2
The lily pads in the background is where we did yoga. No, you don’t need to see pics of that! ha
Image 3
Hello, tranquility. Nice to see you again.

Here’s to getting out this week, friends! I’ll be back Friday with a Get Fit post on getting better body parts. Sometimes breaking down our goals makes it a bit easier to focus on what we’d like to transform.

Thanks again for reading!

xo, Malena


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