What is the Universe telling you?

First a bit on vocabulary. On my blog, you’ll find I use the words Universe, Higher Self, Authentic Self – all pointing to the soul/divine Purpose/celestial string that connects us all. You may prefer the term, God or Messiah or Abba or simply Energy. In my view, we’re all talking about the same thing – it’s just how you personally connect with the concept which is often pointing to Credit/Source of some sort. What does this have to do creativity, zen and mojo?

Did a door close? Find the open window.
Did a door close? Find the open window.

1. In understanding our Purpose, we are able to fully express ourselves. A good thing. How does one find our Purpose? Figuring out what you love and what you are Passionate about points to your Purpose. Pretty cool.

2. Who is “telling” you these things? I believe by both listening (active and in stillness) and actively pursuing interests tells us which way to go. This could include daily prayers, a meditation practice or anything that gets us out of our headspace long enough for a-ha moments to appear (sometimes much later.) Again with vocab, some believe revelation comes via prayer, others simply by focusing energy on it (Law of Attraction). They both do the same thing – bringing to light a problem/issue, lifting it up and then awaiting/listening for responses from the Universe.  This is also why you hear the phrase, “let me sleep on it.” They’ve committed to “resting” on the situation and the solution arises. While it seems like magic, that’s how energy works. We’re also WORKING on it. My novel won’t be written unless I WRITE it. Wishing for it to be written is silly without the work. Again, pretty cool how the two work together.  It’s an interpretation of Is. By staying in the present moment, we can let go of the fear and will live more joyfully no matter the circumstance.

3. Can’t we manifest faster? In one regard, we have some control over manifesting desires and living out our purpose by conscious efforts. If you are in the flow, recognize the Law of Resistance and quiet the Ego you may find that you are not only happier with the small gifts, but recognize how they fit into the larger picture. You may also see events connecting over time, building, to what I call the “tipping point” (Malcolm Gladwell) and voila! success. It wasn’t an overnight success, but others may see it that way. You know differently. This could’ve been something you’ve wished and worked for all of your life. But what we don’t have control over is the TIMING of the manifestation. You stomp your feet – but I want it NOW, daddy! Right? That’s when deep breaths are in order. Patience is a virtue for a reason. But don’t give up. Help yourself get in alignment. You do your part and the Universe will rise up to meet you. This is where a positive attitude helps tremendously. The phrase, “wasn’t meant to be” touches on this – but it could be “not meant to be YET”.

4. Fighting the Universe is futile. Last week I had dukes up. Nothing was coming together as quickly as I wanted (Ego wants to control time) and my self-worth was at an all time low. I was struck with how much I value my work and when work isn’t going well, I’m not satisfied with Me. However, what was really happening wasn’t bad luck but signs/messages (again choose your own vocab.) The Universe was not only closing doors for me, but bolting them shut. Yet I was crying in front of the door instead of feeling the breeze of the windows that had been opened. Two important points – one, recognizing the window exists and SEEING it’s open and two, gathering the strength to climb out the window, which is strange and new. Guess what? I’m climbing out. Work WITH, not AGAINST the Universe. This is where we hear people say, “Okay, God, what are you trying to tell me?” We have to let go first. (Think of the trapeze artist going from one rope to the next.) More soon.

So, what IS the Universe telling you? And what are you going to do about it?

Here’s to plugging in.


Book news. Thanks a million for the $1K + downloads of PROM DATES TO DIE FOR during our promotion this weekend. We hope we’ve reached some new readers and that those readers will enjoy our individual works. (I have a story under Lena Brown.) I do know SOMETHING WICKED will be on sale the 18/19/20th for .99 so be sure and bookmark that.

I’ve paused writing GEMINI (Messengers book 2) to finish my holiday novella, STERLING AND SLOANE. It makes sense to release it in November and give it a 2-3 month run this year versus waiting until next year to finish it. And, again, the Universe indicated I had time for it, so I’m plugging in!

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