Something New and something really new

Is there a time of year you’re most creative? A lot is written about the time of day we’re most creative (the brain seems like the 9-11 a.m. slot), but what about time of year? Place?

In case you want to play "guess the animal at the State Fair."
In case you want to play “guess the animal at the State Fair.”

Summer definitely slows down my creative output. It’s not that I don’t get new ideas, but with my current lifestyle (kids! 3 of them!) during the summer, I don’t get a lot of quality quiet. Even though I write/work while the kids are asleep, a part of my brain must think at any moment the kids could wake and I’ll get pulled out of the trance my writing puts me in. Plus, it’s hot. Ick.

Fall, though? Love every single thing about it. A few notables: college football, chili dogs, Halloween, costumes, cooler weather, State Fair, leaves changing colors, hayrides, KIDS IN SCHOOL, chili with Fritos, chili with cornbread. You get my drift. But on a deeper level, I love the settling in that fall brings. You settle into a new school year if your kids are still of age and the year is on the downhill slide. On the one hand you get motivated to “finish up” whatever goals you’d set for yourself that year and on the other, you begin dreaming about the holidays and what you hope to accomplish in 2014.

I find ideas falling as quickly as the leaves. I’m on the ground, making crispy leaf angels with a big smile on my face. I’m covered with my ideas and giddy at the prospect of which one I’ll turn to next.  I’m in that headspace already, excited about a new publishing idea I have (unrelated to books) but I’ll need partners to carry it off so I have to turn the passion into productivity with proposals, meetings and buy in. I love the puzzle new ideas put forth. How to turn an idea into a living, breathing thing is probably my favorite thing about creativity. Giving birth to something new is exhilarating. My mojo increases tenfold this time of year. What about you?

See what autumn gifts are waiting for you. I find not thinking can often produce the a-ha moments so long walks, fresh air and time to for those fun fall activities can rejuvenate you.

somethingnewcovernookOn a book note, I wanted to thank everyone who supported the “bargain book” deal for Something New this weekend. (.99 ends today on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.) People love a good deal, but also the price has to be right to try something new for them, so I hope it brings some new readers into my fold. The price will then go up to $2.99 which I hope readers still find is a good value.

Visiting a book club in Edmond to discuss my YA novel TWIN FALLS written under pen name Lena Brown.
Visiting a book club in Edmond to discuss my YA novel TWIN FALLS written under pen name Lena Brown.

I’d also like to thank PATTY RANKIN and her book club for reading my young adult novel, TWIN FALLS and letting me visit them in person at Sara Sara Cupcakes in Edmond last week. Great discussion and questions.

Okay, heavy note in the DO NOT PUT OFF LOVE OR YOUR DREAMS department; we know life is short and every day is a gift so let’s put aside hurt feelings and anger and drama and replace them with loving kindness and forging ahead with our dreams; supporting each other in our goals and cherishing our relationships. This past week a member of our movie club passed away so I’d appreciate a special prayer for the family of MIKE CRAKE as well as loving energy for the friends and family of HANNAH DUFFY #DUFFYSATUFFY, who I did not know but was overwhelmed with the tributes to her on Twitter, a 14 year old who passed this weekend from brain cancer. The image of her friends all around her, hugging her on her bed, is seared permanently in my memory bank. They’ll never forget her and I know she took that love with her. In my son’s elementary school, a young boy named HUGH passed, so it will be a difficult time for his classmates, teachers, friends and family as they deal with his unexpected death. Please lift them all up and go hug on your loved ones for me and give strangers a smile and helping hand.

Leaving you with this from Virginia Woolf, which I read at just the right time this week:

Behind the cotton wool is hidden a pattern; that we—I mean all human beings—are connected with this; that the whole world is a work of art; that we are parts of the work of art

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