5 Surefire Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around

dog dream boneWhen you’re having a bad day, the last thing you want to hear someone say is, “turn that frown upside down.”  But if you’re willing to hear me out, here are five things you can do to make your sucky day bearable.

1. Leave. Get up and physically remove yourself from the situation. Heck, take the stairs. A little recharge will reset your course. If possible, get outside – unless it’s too hot. If it’s too hot, just drive around and do this…

2. Listen to feel good music. Sure, that’s different for each of us. For me, it would be some old Michael Jackson “Wanna be startin’ something…” or I’ll just crank up classical music and…

3. Take deep breaths and use imagery. No, not someone’s face on a dartboard (but we’ll never know if you do!) but something like the balloon technique which is to tie your worry/fear/bad day inducer onto the balloon and watch yourself let it go. Watch it in your mind’s eye get smaller and smaller until it’s no longer seen. You’ve let it go, so out of sight, out of mind, baby. Remember, “this too shall pass.” And guess what? It does.  And then…

4. Get lost in a story. Personally, I think you can go deeper with a book than a TV or movie, but whatever works. Go ahead, get involved in someone else’s worries – fictional! – and yours may not seem so bad later. Better still, you can do this while you…

5. Work it out. I mean physically run, walk, ride a bike, zumba or lift weights to lift your seratonin levels. Once you’ve sweat out all that stress, you are sure to feel a bit better. And, yay, it’s healthy!

And the end of the V. Bad Day, I love a bubble bath, glass of wine and #4. But then I love those things every day.

So, a few things NOT to do in the midst of a bad day

  • talk to people who irritate you. Your mouth/mind cannot be trusted on this one!
  • take it out on loved ones. I had to leave the house (to my writing studio) last week during my Bad Day because I knew I’d snap the heads off my loved ones. And it was *hot* in the garage, but it did fit my mood!
  • call up friends and complain. Yes, your loved ones want to lift your spirits but I’d only resort to this if you’ve tried ALL FIVE of the snap out of its first. Whining may or may not make you feel better and it will likely make the person on the other end of the call feel worse.
  • eat your feelings. Do #5 instead. You’ll feel better in the long run!

Now, on a more serious note, if ALL of your days are bad or “dull”, that could be depression so please honor yourself and your loved ones by seeking help. Here’s a cartoon on depression that I think “gets it”. 


Be true to you. Passion for your purpose. Mojo up!


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My YA paranormal, TWIN FALLS, is available now.

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