How to not lose your mind in transitions

I can’t write a lick this week. Okay, I’m writing *this* but as for fiction, I’m toast. My energy is wonky and for good reason. My household is in transition. My husband started a great new job this week, my boys returned from 5 days in California (missed ’em!), I’ve been to three schools for registration, back to school shopping minutia *and*  buying my almost 16 year old a car. (Don’t even get me started on car dealers!)

I’m also going off retainer with one client so I’ve closed the chapter on that big project, which makes rooms for something else. And I always love the something else because I love change and something new. I also know I need to finish writing THE LITTLE BRAND THAT COULD and the sequel to TWIN FALLS.


But until that school bell rings, I’m not sure I can focus on the “new” just yet.

If you’re also in transition mode, here are some ideas for getting through in a healthy way.

  • Stress seems to make some of us eat more sugar, but instead of reaching for the unhealthy quick fix, stop yourself and grab a better choice. I literally spit out some “cloud cake Twinkie wannabe” after taking a bite and rinsed my mouth and ate grapes instead. Seriously, it’s not worth that. Yuck.
  • Take time for stillness. I think it’s when we’re at our busiest that it’s the most important to take extra time out for stillness. I made a point to go out under my zen tree today and meditate. It was shady, a bird soared overhead, and for the moment the roofers nearby had stopped hammering. It was divine. Remember, stillness is not thinking (to clear your headspace) but it doesn’t have to be formal!
  • Shift to something outside of your normal routine or task list. This makes sense – if your routine is already wacky due to the transition, it can be tough to accomplish the things we normally do in a day. This is why i think my garage and closet might actually get cleaned this weekend!
  • Listen for answers. When we elevate our consciousness, we’re able to pick up on the little clues as to where we should go and what the universe has in store for us. And when that opportunity knocks (even softly), answer it. That could be as simple as getting out of the house when a friend asks you to come have wine with her that evening. (Thanks, Lillie-beth!)

Let’s see, always and forever, practice gratitude. We get so busy we can forget that, but those little things lift us up when the trade winds of transition try to knock us down. Right this second, I’m very grateful my husband will be bringing pizza home tonight.

When you’re in prep mode, it can feel like “we’re not there yet” which can cause anxiety and worry about what’s to come.

If you have other tips in dealing with transition, please leave them in comments.

And a huge welcome to the new members of Alpha Chi Omega across the country. I loved helping at the house at my alma mater, University of Oklahoma, last Friday and seeing all the lovely pics of our 87 new pledges. Leadership, sisterhood, smarts and service. Go get ’em.


Book news:  Still time to enter to win a summer escape ebook through the 18th, and then – ta-dah- summer escapes 2 starts on the 19th! Get a sneak peek of the poster going up Monday below.


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  1. Sandy Keathley says:

    Thanks for you “none writing” writng. It was awesome! I will send this to my daughter who is going through a lot. I would love to win an ebook! (I have read Last Resort )

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