Mojo Interview with Author Brenda Janowitz

First, welcome to all of my new readers who found me due to my sisterhood post last week. Thank you so much for sharing it and letting me know that it has resonated with you. One way I live the Symphony is to nurture sisterhood in my life, and that includes being a part of the Girlfriends Book Club where 40+ women authors share a blog and support each other. Not only are these great writers, but cool chicks. Today join me in welcoming Brenda Janowitz, whose novel, RECIPE FOR A HAPPY LIFE recently launched. I was also fortunate to work on Brenda’s book covers for her first two novels she recently re-released, SCOT ON THE ROCKS and JACK WITH A TWIST.
810v7Y6d6sL._SL1500_Brenda, what makes you feel the most creative?
Everything inspires me!  A beautiful day, a great song, overhearing a conversation at the coffee shop!
Do you have any rituals that get you in a creative mood?
Waste a ton of time on the internet before getting down to it.  Okay, no, that’s not really a ritual, but that IS what ends up happening!!
I’ve always written in the spaces between– a few stolen hours here or there– so I don’t have any rituals.  One thing I always do, though, is keep a notebook and pen handy, and my iPhone Voice Memo app at the ready.  That way, whenever creativity hits– I’m ready to capture it.
My definition of mojo is passionate power of purpose – how do you keep your mojo up for writing?
I love that!  For me, writing is something I have to do.  When I’m not writing, I’m just not myself.  A few years ago, I was going through a really down period.  I was out for dinner with a friend and she asked: “Have you been writing?”  And there it was, clear as day.  I remembered that I needed to write.  It’s what I do.
Brenda Janowitz
Author, RECIPE FOR A HAPPY LIFE (St. Martin’s Press July 2, 2013)

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Woodward, OK – Wednesday, July 17
Oklahoma City, OK – Thursday, July 25
Wichita, KS – Saturday, July 27
Tulsa, OK – Tuesday, July 30
Frisco, TX – Wednesday, August 7

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