Making History Right Now

TMIMomFBgraphicWhat does living authentically mean? My #truedo list:

  • Learning, discerning, improving and believing.
  • Purposeful action.
  • Listening with an open mind with awareness to your reaction and thoughts.
  • Trusting yourself to do what is best for you despite what others may think.
  • Going for it.
  • Living your passion, even if that’s only part-time or a hobby.
  • Incorporating people, places and things that you love into your life.
  • Carving away negative thoughts, actions and people.
  • Understanding your true gifts WANT to be used, not hidden.

I’m celebrating women’s history month all month long on my author page over on Facebook. Isn’t it amazing the achievements that we’ve made in the last 200 years? Women have come a long way, but we don’t have to WAIT for our time to shine. We should bring our own sunshine, even though some days it feel darn near impossible.

If you like colorful shoes, wear them.

If your business, church or family life isn’t working for you, examine your heart and figure out why. And then take action.

Trying to find the good in all things is more than a character exercise, it’s a growth tool. What lesson can I learn from this? What beauty can I see? What do I have to be grateful for? What can I give back?

You can make history right now by trying something new, by expanding your horizons, by believing in yourself to make change and then going for it. I can speak to wanting to “do it all.” But I’ve been working for the last ten years on becoming a better listener. When the Universe (God) talks, I’m all ears. When I got an email from a local editor telling me that she had a young woman freelancing for her that was interested in working in publishing and PR, I knew it was a sign. Because I’ve needed help, but wasn’t sure how to go about finding it. I was nervous that saying “yes” to an assistant would mean I was somehow failing instead of seeing that it could help me grow (as well as relieving stress!)

IMG_0873And Kristine is working out beautifully. Because of her, I’ll meet and exceed my goals. I just need to be patient and trust and guide.

When I’m working with a branding client, I remember my place as both listener and consultant. They are paying me to advise them, but if I don’t listen well, I can’t produce the most effective results. The same goes with my authors at Buzz Books. I can’t build a name for them without them working 5x as hard as I am. We are each responsible for building our own tribe. I can only control my actions; not theirs.

That goes for each of us in our relationships.

So let’s make some history. In this case, Herstory, and review our goals for family, work, wellness and friendship and growth and plug in action plan to live authentically, joyfully and an open mind and heart. What’s on your list?


Book news: DANCE MOM SURVIVAL GUIDE will be published March 12! I’m so excited it’s here and it’s been a complete blessing to work with my co-author Jill Martin on the book! I’m busy editing FAMILY CHARMS to get it to my editor for a July release in trade paperback and ebook. Also FIXER UPPER my DIY girl power novel is gaining traction and will be available in trade paperback later this spring. My first YA novel, TWIN FALLS is with my editor and will be released this summer under my pen name Lena Brown. Exciting, busy, wonderful!

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