Hope Floats Storygrams

In doing the True-Do Track over on my Facebook page, which began in January with a month of journaling prompts, I’ve realized a few things already, including that I’m going to have MORE FUN with books and work this year. I felt like 2012 was all to-do list which is partly what inspired my True Do list. I’m seeking the truth in all this year and that means digging deeper creatively but also sharing that and connecting more on a very primitive, emotional level. That’s why Hope Floats makes perfect sense as my first story release of 2013. It’s the most personal thing I’ve ever written – really putting my anxiety and fear out there  – but it’s also the most healing. So my effort to have MORE FUN with books, working on them and even the marketing of them when they are out, means I’m doing Storygrams for each book we put out this year. I’m pretty stoked about it. As a creative director, I love design, I love taking photos and I love quotes. Imagery is a great way to get people inspired to find out a bit more about the story.

Without further ado, may I present the Hope Floats Storygrams featuring the 4 short stories and two essays included in Hope Floats, which is available (for now) as a Kindle exclusive. $1.99 I know it’s NOT a jovial read like some of my books, but as I discuss in the foreword, I do write about grief and death a lot in my stories, even though they end happy and/or hopeful.  I hope you enjoy the Storygrams and if you read the book, I’d love to know what you think! (Click on the pics to bring up the gallery slideshow.)

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