True Do Track for living a You-Full 2013

MLFB_photosFor the Type A among us, a to-do list feels as automatic as brushing our teeth or blinking. So with that in mind, I created a True Do Track for my readers to join me in trying to live our best year yet. Less stress. Less drama. More fun. More adventure. More authentic relationships and actions. Not to just dream it, but do it. Living in truth means living the life we were uniquely meant to live, utilizing our gifts. Yes, it’s self-helpy because we all need that tap on the shoulder that reminds us to keep our mind, body, spirit in alignment.

For January, our True Do Track focus is Journaling. I’m including a daily prompt on my Facebook page, but you can certainly write whatever comes to mind! Writing not only helps our true selves surface and to deal with any issues we may be dealing with, but stating our dreams does help them come to fruition in our lives. (Law of Attraction, only put more action in the attraction.)

And each week I’ll include a giveaway. Since we’re journaling in January, that’s the weekly prize! Check out these cool colorful journals. Drawings are held on Friday and include those who have a) Liked my author page and b) have commented on the daily prompts or shared the picture posted at the top. The more active you are, the more entries you get. But even if all you are doing is reading it and actually journaling, I’m happy you are taking this step with me.

Book news:

Hope Floats is now available on Kindle! The short story and essay collection includes stories on loss and living on so if you have been affected by grief, you might relate to these situations. Topics include miscarriage, death of loved ones, suicide and my life as a motherless mother and how my feelings on gun control were shaped by gun violence in my life.

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