Are You the Little Brand That Could?

When I was brainstorming ideas for a branding book, the story of the little engine that could kept coming to mind. Every aspect of building the train, creating the journeys, getting passengers and making the tough journey Imagedespite the odds all seemed very relevant. I’ve personally witnessed and assisted more than 150 little brands with strategy and campaigns, from start-from-scratch branding to overhaul projects of 100 year old companies.

Every brand does have a unique story, but some things remain the same: finding your different/better/special and working to uphold that positioning within the community and the marketplace and winning your customers over and over again. Brand loyalty (becoming a lovemark) requires work just like a real-life romantic relationships or friendship. It must be earned. In the book, we’ll discuss branding and marketing topics from the engine to the caboose and everything in between. In using the train analogy, many concepts should stick sooner, which is why stories and imagery works so well in branding any product.

What should your train look like? Where do you want to take it? Why will others choose your train over the others? How will people find out about it? What will make the experience a pleasant one for passengers that will get them to buy a future ticket? Not only will the book be chock-full of tips, but also ask some important questions that will help steer your brand in the right direction from the future and help stay focused, “on track” against the many obstacles in our path. A big concern for little brands is budget. If I only have X in my pocket, how do I know Y is the right way to spend it to market my brand? I’ll discuss various scenarios on testing advertising and marketing channels to determine if you are hitting your target market and how to analyze the campaign to make improvements in the future.

If you own a small business or work with small businesses, and would to be an early reader for The Little Brand That Could, message me at malenalott (at) me (dot) com.

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