2013: The Year of Living Fully

snowflakes2I’m beginning 2013 with not only hope, but determination to live more fully. But what does that mean, really?  I’ve always written from my heart and have never felt like I’ve held back in my writing. But real life? I’ve probably held back. I’ve probably been more fearful than I should, and perhaps lived 2012 in more contemplation than gusto. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy, goodness, was I busy, but could I be more productive and within that more efficient? Absolutely.

I know I’m going to have to unwire a bit to make that happen. I’m going to focus on wellness, more social interaction in real life and being more assertive in business. Did I wait too much for things to come to me instead of going after them? All of this wrapped around the fact that I’m Type A so it never really feels like I’m resting on my laurels, but I’d like to shed the stress and worry that can accompany being Type A and focus on the tasks and not spending time where it doesn’t belong (usually online) and getting more accomplished off. I spend a lot of time with my kids, but I’m wondering how I can create a shift that feels more personal and less activity and errand-based. I’m a den mom and dance mom and they both provide joy for myself and my kids, but I know there is more we could do outside of those activities.

I am proud that I made real efforts to connect with my friends in 2012  – including a 40th birthday weekend at my friend Cynthia’s lake house with friends amidst tornado warnings – and in 2013 I’d like that to happen with my adoring husband, too. 18 years married and we both work like crazy and having three kids can be draining, physically and mentally. So even something as simple as a monthly lunch date will be a nice one-on-one improvement over last year. I’m also doing a monthly lunch with my mother-in-law who is the only mother I have (and she’s a good one!) I gave her that gift as a Christmas present. There. See? Getting out of the house twice a month for lunch that will require putting on mascara and cute clothes is a step in the right social direction.

Must, must commit to working out more regularly because when I work out physically, I feel better mentally. Everything is better. Which is why I’m kicking off a writer wellness program through Buzz Books this year and I hope 999 other writers join me. I know. I’m a fool for goals and numbers.

Living fully = not holding back, going for it, making the time, choosing wisely, loving completely, being in the present moment, creating alignment, connecting with nature and others and finding the joy in the little things. 

I’ll still be blogging weekly about creativity and zen here each week, but I’m going to be finding more of that in the DOING not in the thinking about it. My meditation and yoga I started in 2012 will gladly continue in the new year and as you can see from my projects, I feel more creative than ever and have definitely worked toward aligning more of my life (I don’t believe in the word “balance” as it puts things on opposite ends of each other.)

What are your WORDS for 2013? I’m going to hang these up next to my desk:

  • focus
  • give
  • align
  • connect

2013 Projects

  • Writer Wellness program at Buzz Books, inspiring each other to live well and move more
  • Dance Mom Survival Guide book with co-author Jill Martin (and aligns with our daughters’ dancing)
  • Hope Floats short story and essay collection
  • Family Charms women’s fiction novel, my fifth, and perhaps my last for awhile since I’m not writing a new one, to release summer 2013
  • Twin Falls young adult series to launch this summer, so I’ll likely start on book 2 in the spring
  • The Little Brand That Could branding business book, likely ready by spring
  • Athena Institute branding and marketing clients’ projects and weekly branding tips on athenabuzz.com
  • Publishing several authors’ books in 2013 over at Buzz Books, including Heather Davis, Magda Knight, Cara Brookins, Cyndy Hoenig, Dana Campbell, Rod Lott and Aaron Smith. I’m also hoping Dani Stone will have a summer novelette or novella ready for summer.
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What about you? What projects have you made for yourself for 2013? Let’s do this.

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