Something Wicked Short Stories and Video

At Halloween, we all get to play make-believe. Last year my tween daughter and her best friend were zombie pageant girls. My eldest son was a werewolf for two years in a row so he could hide and scare trick or treaters. In stories, we get to experience those things “for real.” And as a writer I get to play make-believe every day. In SOMETHING WICKED, six writers offer six paranormal stories that play make-believe in the teen contemporary world. My own, written under pen name Lena Brown, is a modern revenge story between the goddess Athena and an old mythology that was ripe for Halloween, set on a fictional Mid-America University campus.

The short story collection is available as a trade paperback and ebook at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you like to read young adult paranormal or simply creepy short stories, I hope you’ll try it out.

CONTEST: Something Wicked Contest for a fun party pack and Trick or Treat blog tour HERE (send in the receipt for your book by Sunday to get registered and each blogger had a fun treat this week)


Trade paperback on Amazon $8.99

Best print deal-–>Trade paperback in the Buzz store – $7.99 if you use the $1.00 off coupon code MFVSBH4A at checkout

ebook at Amazon $3.99

ebook at B&N  $3.99

As this is a creativity blog, I also hope you’ll use this month to stretch your creative muscles – doing crafts, exploring the arts, and getting out and enjoying the splendors of Autumn.

I’m not creative because I have to be, but because I allow myself to be. I ask questions of the world and my characters answer. Below I’ve put together a fun video for October on how to paint a chevron pumpkin and other ideas.

Lastly, on this one year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death, I’d like to thank him and Apple for everything they’ve given the world, and me, personally. I’ve used Apple products since college back in 1993 and at every job since. The iPhone allowed me to carry on business and motherhood, working from home. Apple understands how people think and Steve understood artistic vision. I’ll even forgive them for Apple maps since I’m sure they’ll fix it soon.

I’m stop 5 on our Something Wicked Trick or Treat blog tour and my treat is The Legend of Sleepy Hollow/Rip Vank Winkle and The Spectre Bridegroom paperback to one commenter as well as some fall Buzz Books bookmarks. In comments tell me your favorite dress-up costume you or one of your children have worn. 

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