How badly do you want it?

Yesterday my editor and I were discussing projects, and she brought up a great point about writers – getting their writing done on time largely depends on how badly they want it. How important is writing to them? To get their story or book out by a certain time? Largely this holds true for our dreams and goals in all areas of life.

If we want something badly enough, we’ll go to any length to get it:

  • Make time to get it done and drop the less important activities
  • Find the money to support our endeavor
  • Seek out the people who can help us on our journey
  • Keep it top of mind until the goal is met

Yesterday I also had a meeting with a Buzz Books author, Kellie Clements, who is writing a business book for our upcoming Little Brand series. We discussed DESIRE versus FEAR. Sure, it’s scary to start a business or leap into the unknown, but if the desire is strong enough, you’ll pet your fear and stick it back in the kennel.

The fact that these two conversations happened within a span of each other is all I need for a knock on the head. I had to share.

Another interesting day this week was when I heard from two people who are critical in my writing success. They are connectors, and without them my writing would stay somewhere between you and me and mid list purgatory. They both have things in the works for me, and again, since they both happened in the same day, I got my “listen to this,” message from my inner self. We do not have control over every aspect of our lives. But if the desire is there, the commitment is there, then we do the work necessary and then our connectors can take it the rest of the way. While this applies specifically for me in writing, it also applies to my branding and marketing work and would apply to readers with whatever goal you set for yourself.

I do believe this: stating your intention, doing the work and putting your energy and focus into it results in the universe supporting that action. You send it out, it comes back as a lovely successful boomerang. Where the zen comes in is if nothing ends up happening to those projects my connectors are working on, not feeling worry or anxiety over them, and being okay and moving on if nothing develops, but that’s future talk. I’m staying in the present moment, head down, with Something New in production, Something Wicked next on the list and my writer self itching to start back on a story I’d begun last year.

Gather up your dreams and take a long look at them, then ask yourself, “how badly do you want it?” And what are you going to do about that?

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  1. The Guat says:

    Good post … sounds like Tony Robbins … very inspiring especially when you’re having one of those days.

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