Manifesto for the School New Year

I split my year into three new year’s: Jan. 1., the Start of Summer, and the Start of School. This means I get three opportunities for New Year’s resolutions. While the first New Year gets all the hoopla, I get more excited about the transitions to summer break and then (because I’m exhausted from a hot summer with three kids AND working full-time), I’m thrilled when the school new year begins. Because my brain is a wild, wild west where my inability to corral squirrels leads to frantic last-minute-itus, I’ve created a manifesto of sorts, a note to self, in bullet form.

  1. Big calendar, meet Sharpie. Write it down, circle it, look at it daily, then put those same dates in your iPhone and schedule an alarm.
  2. Pay early. Nothing says “morning madness” like scrambling for a pen and the checkbook the morning some fee is due.
  3. Put lunch due dates on that Big Cal to stick to #2. No kid likes getting their hand stamped by the lunch lady.
  4. Remember that you are a den mom because your son loves Cub Scouts. RE-MEM-BER.
  5. About that “no food in the car” rule. It’s not so much about the food or crumbs but because of the WRAPPER YOUR CHILDREN ARE UNABLE TO TAKE FROM THE CAR. They won’t bring them in, so stick to the rule.
  6. Before you start doing 2nd grade homework with your son each night, reframe it in your mind to Happy Hour. Treat yourself to your favorite wine. And bring candy when the homework is especially frustrating for your son. (Share the candy, Mom!)
  7. Don’t lax on your morning routine on the deck with your coffee and yoga. You need to de-stress BEFORE the stress comes.
  8. A little mascara, lipgloss and cute clothes wouldn’t kill you, would it? Oh, it would? Fine.
  9. You love your children. You love your job. Inhale. Exhale.
  10. All that time driving your kids around is an opportunity to practice the present moment. And you don’t have to listen to what the kids want to in the car every time. YOU’RE THE MOM!

Good luck (self) and readers.


New stuff?

Releasing the cover of SOMETHING NEW next week. More about my fourth novel then (v. very excited.) Also writing several contracts for new authors for Buzz Books. Always a thrill! I love being a part of these writers’ journeys.

Photo Mojo: A few images that inspired me this week. (Taken by me, except for the room photo from Houzz.)

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