Simple Pleasures Summer

When your brain feels like a freeway during rush hour most of the time, it can feel impossible to make the exit to the Present Moment. But oddly enough, one of the biggest helpers in my journey has been Instagram, the photo app that was recently bought by Facebook. I’ve been on Instagram since it was an app baby, and I’ve loved how it helps me notice the little things around me and capture it to look back on later (mostly thanks to creating a photo book from the pics.)

Unlike Facebook photos, which seem to primarily be people taking pictures of themselves or loved ones (or most recently sharing photos with quotes inside them), IGers take photos of the little things, and lots of simple pleasures – which is likely why there are so many pics of food!

Whether or not you take a picture of it, recording Simple Pleasures in a journal or just during a beginning meditation can help us feel gratitude and bring us back to the power of now (versus agonizing over the past or fretting about the future.)

Here are a few of my favorite “simple pleasures” I snapped and shared on Instagram. A juicy peach from a farmers’ market, fun pillows that make me smile when I’m on the deck, a coffee date with my daughter, a Play Doh creation by my six-year old, and, duh, amazing mac and cheese!

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Weekly Round Up

  • Air kisses to Eastern Sunset Reads and Chick Lit Goddess for their nice reviews of The Last Resort. 
  • Toast to debut Oklahoma author Jammie Kern on her published Mythology High short story, “Ryann in the Sky” <—go grab it, y’all
  • New Hive podcast going up today – interviewed Jammie and children’s author Joshua Unruh – AND I talk about my steamy short story, “The Pool Boy”
  • Tickled by…new sales of Fixer Upper. For whatever reason, the sales had been lagging on my DIY tale of a politician’s wife who leaves the posh life for the pastures, but Macy is getting new readers thanks to her appearance in The Last Resort
Have a fantastic Independence Day holiday! To simple pleasures! And ones that go boom!

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