The Clutter Manifesto

I firmly believe the Universe whispers and if you don’t hear it, shouts. A few shout-y moments for me this week, primarily from technology:

  • On my iPhone, “You do not have enough storage to take that picture.” (What, 6,000 photos on my phone is too many?)
  • On my old Mac, “You do not have enough space to back up this iPad.”
  • On my son’s iPad, “You do not have enough storage on this iPad to make the update. Delete some items and try again.” (Okay, I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea.)

It took hours, cleaning up the computer (deleting 5 gig) and deleting 44 apps. Now I need to deal with my phone and those pictures (yes, they are backed up, just not deleted.)

I have to remind myself of this mantra when it comes to ALL types of clutter, in tech and the home:

If it no longer serves my purpose, I will pass it up or pass it on. 

My desktop looks like confetti.

I should probably let this blog be and clean it up.

Here’s a great article on the zen of decluttering for your reading pleasure. It can make you feel a little squeamish because of course physical clutter stems from a deeper place. Saturdays are supposed to be my “no tech” days so that I can focus on the house and organization. Now I need to take a half hour each week to do the same for my technology.

Good luck to you.

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