Girls Can Change Car Batteries…and Grill!

I’ll admit having a “bee” and “hive” as one of my brands (for Buzz Books) is a little more than a coincidence since that’s exactly how my brain feels most of the time. I constantly have to turn off or turn down knobs in my thinking cap – something I share with most moms and writers, too. So it’s no surprise that I left the keys in the my car the other day – all night – and when I went to start it to to head out for an 8:30 meeting, it was dead. Super dead. I realized it had likely been partially switched on, which led to major battery slurping.


After a few calls and some Googling, I decided I could remove the battery my own bad self and my lovely MIL was willing to tote me to the auto store so they could check it. (“Yep, it’s WAY dead,” the young dude said. “It’s even lower than the usual drained battery.”) Oh, yeah. When I screw up, I’m takin’ it all the way, baby!

Back home, I PUT THE NEW BATTERY BACK IN THE CAR AND IT STARTED. *pause for self-applause*

Not to sound, all, hey, beyotches, look what tough chick in full jewelry and a skirt did, but, I have photographic evidence. Thing is, I’m thinking men have cornered the market on changing the car battery for far too long. I  know it sounds manly because when it works it feels like you’ve build the damn car, but it’s so simple, there’s no reason women can’t do it.

So my lil mojo tip for this week is TRY IT. Whatever. Try a DIY project. Try a food you never thought you’d like. Try a hole in the wall or a new restaurant. Or something that typically “men” do. Like TAKE OVER THE GRILL THIS WEEKEND. Because my hubby can’t stand the heat (literally, not figuratively) I’ve started charring the meat, and baby, I like it. Especially with a cold brewskie in my hand.

* * *

Mom-ent of Zen

It’s tough being a working mom (yes, mom, period) but when I found myself at the trampoline park for the second time this week and thinking of the huge to-do list I had to do when I got home, I decided the best thing to do was not to go over the list in my head, trying to mentally work without being able to physically work,  but to let the clench of anxiety go and watch my kids jump. Good golly, they’re cute.


Summer Oasis Writer’s Retreat

Back in 2006, I tried something new, holding workshops for women in five life areas, in addition to my writing and marketing projects. I loved it, even though I found it tough to get women to take time out for workshops  in their already busy schedules. But six years later, I’m thrilled to be offering workshops again, centered around the book projects we’re doing at Buzz Books and some fun writerly events like our first Summer Oasis Writers’ Retreat at Magnolia Moon in Guthrie, OK on Saturday, July 21st. And we’ve got T-shirts! And chocolate! The registrations are rolling in and I’m thrilled to be able to meet writers (and some of our Buzz authors!) in person. Clickety here for the deets and pass it on, lovers.

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